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"Christ is in us, the Hope of Glory, as God's children, we have already overcome"



About Us

Founded on February 16th, 2016, the New Genesis Gospel Chorale (NGGC) began as a group of young adults interested in singing together.


We began solely to minister (performing with intention) gospel music.

Since incorporation (2018), NGGC now operates under the primary objective — to develop (and provide opportunities for developing) the professional and musical skills of anyone interested.

Gospel Music has served vitally in the development of all members who have joined NGGC. Our unique incorporation, interpretation, and delivery of this embodied form of art, has elicited multiple forms of support — like spectators; organizations; donors; and sponsors alike — allowing us to develop both musically and professionally.

Naturally, God's Grace Continues





Gospel Music

Learning collectively, and in spaces that are salient to our experiences encourage us to critically analyze the ways in which we engage with each other and those around us.

We aim to improve and better ourselves by constructively reflecting on the things we do individually and collectively. Life long learning is at the forefront of our operations.

We respect the creators/innovators of Gospel Choir music and through that, we recognize its utility in sharpening the competencies of our members and leaders alike.

Meet the Team

Lead by Young Adults! Our team consists of a diverse group of individuals from across the GTA that have a combined set of knowledge, skills & experiences that help guide NGGC.


Frequently Asked Questions

Get in touch with the New Genesis Gospel Chorale to learn more about our work and how you can get involved or if you have any further questions.


Send us a message!

Membership Process?

  1. Fill out our questionnaire/form upon request

  2. Audio audition for vocal placement (Soprano, Alto, Tenor)

  3. Opportunities to attend our in-person weekly rehearsals 

  4. 1-2 month probationary period where you can let us know if you want to officially join

  5. Guidelines will be presented once officially a member

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