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NGGC Youth Initiative Program

The NGGC Youth Initiative Program strives to expose the world of American choir gospel music to aspiring youth between the ages of 16-19 who want to experience a different atmosphere not easily provided to them. This program will help in building/developing their musical ear, vocal abilities, confidence, communication all while encouraging and supporting their mental and personal growth.

Volunteer Hours

Participation in our Youth Initiative program will net a total of 30 hours divided among social, musical, professional and experiential skills development. 


Should more hours be attained during the program, our signing officer will document and account for this at the end of the project. 

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Voice Note Evaluation System

A system we utilize to where members send their section leaders vocal recordings of themselves singing a song to the specific guidelines given prior to then be given further feedback, critique, musical/vocal techniques, and advice to better enhance their overall understanding of the song to better deliver it.


Concert/Performance Preparation

A behind the scenes of NGGC’s road to concert or regular performance engagements youth get to experience first-hand to see all the details and work that goes into the final product. From weekly practices which delve deeper into the construction of songs and how to manage and flow with the chorale as team members in an interactive space. To live band rehearsals where they see how a song is then further brought to life with the collaboration between voice and instrument to get that near perfect sync. Lastly, the day of; how we gather to cast our nerves and worries unto God and be a blessing but also share in that experience with each other and the people in attendance – just worshipping and having fun!


In-person Engagement

During our weekly practices, we sometimes have discussions on topics of any variety* which mostly leads to an edification of young minds. This allows the freedom to express pressing topics or questions to where the youth can feel comfortable being amongst understanding individuals who are also there to learn and grow.


Understanding Choir Gospel Music

Choir Gospel Music in Canada and more specific, the GTA is very few and limited for someone to come and across and experience compared to the United States. NGGC wants to ‘bring that back’ or amplify that spotlight unto this explosive genre so youth can appreciate the community in 3-part harmony. The excitement of an inversion to new heights never available before. The enticing sounds of repetition and the weight it has to specific songs all while being supported by all-rounded musicians who just add that extra spice. But most importantly, helping to understand the words written for each piece, be it slow or fast paced; what do these words mean? What are the emotions the song writer intends to invoke to an audience for us to respectfully cover and deliver their music to an untapped sphere?


Youth Building

Youth will also have the opportunity to foster transferable skills such as team work, time management, organization, leadership and confidence to name a few. This will be facilitated by working along side NGGC leaders and members who specialize in varied skills and vocations. 

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Let's Work Together

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get in touch with the New Genesis Gospel Chorale to learn more about our work and how you can get involved or if you have any further questions.


Send us a message!

Membership Process?

  1. Fill out our questionnaire/form upon request

  2. Audio audition for vocal placement (Soprano, Alto, Tenor)

  3. Opportunities to attend our in-person weekly rehearsals 

  4. 1-2 month probationary period where you can let us know if you want to officially join

  5. Guidelines will be presented once officially a member

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