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Our Work

Development and Outreach

See Below for our Current and Previous Projects

Benefit Fundraiser (2022)

NGGC decided to put on a benefit fundraiser to raise money to support our ministry and also to support one young person in the GTA who demonstrated financial need!

A video concert was released titled 'The NGGC Experience' (click to watch video) which includes 4 self-directed music videos. We also introduced our Youth Initiative Program. If you want to learn more click on the link below!

lift every_edited.jpg

BHM Tribute (2021)

In February 2021, NGGC embarked on a virtual choir project to commemorate the unity & harmony that so many lost their lives for, throughout the course of history.

Using Kirk Franklin's iteration of "Life Every Voice", we demonstrated that anything is possible once people come together to make good things happen.

For us, this song not only means equity in race, but also equity for a better tomorrow. A future where regardless of ethnicity, class, background, skillset, ability and upbringing, we can one day unite together, and stand in unity, both equally, and in love.


Studio Project (2019)

In January 2019 we gave our members the opportunity to develop their sight reading and performance skills by attempting a difficult musical project.

This project took an accapella piece arranged by Tom Anderson, where intricate harmonies were learned and then recorded giving members an authentic studio experience. 

A resulting music video was created as a final product speaking to the dedication, investment, and musical development of our members.

Virtual Youth Choir! (2020)

A collaboration effort with youth all across the GTA joining together in singing Hezekiah Walker's 'Every Praise' to uplift spirits and still reinforce connections during the pandemic.

Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 4.44.47 PM.png

Mental Health Fundraiser (2018)

In August 2018, we organized a fundraising concert dedicated to raising awareness for mental health issues, and raising funds to support initiatives that help those who struggle with heir mental health.

In addition to raising over $7000.00 to support our own membership, we were also able to donate $1500.00 to Stella’s Place, a mental health organization dedicated to supporting youth that struggle with mental health in the GTA. In this project members gained expertise in fundraising policy, NPO research, and mental health initiatives currently in Toronto. 


Gospel Music Education (2018)

In February 2018 we held a concert which gave patrons the opportunity to learn about gospel music, its roots and connections to other styles of music. 

Combining Jazz, Classical, Traditional, and Contemporary styles, patrons took part in an immersive experience while also learning the different kinds of ways Gospel Music influences other genres of music.

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